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Our Services

From training classes, agility, to boarding, our team of dog lovers maximizes learning and safety for all of our furry friends.  Serving Southern Maine and the New Hampshire Seacoast, Woof Works Training can give your pet the TLC it deserves.


1-on-1 Training

1-on-1 classes allow us to match a training plan to the unique challenges of your dog and it allows for strategic socialization using other dogs, children, adults, and other distractions. Whether you want to work on obedience or address certain behaviors before they escalate, private instruction is a great option.

We are available for offsite training, as this can often be the best environment for owners and dogs.  We may change locations between sessions in order to ensure any behavior modification is successful anywhere.

Should it be necessary for us to travel to your home for training, travel time will be an additional charge.


Our most popular service!  These classes will develop your handling skills, improve your communication with your dog, and create long-lasting, positive behaviors.

$ 95 per 1 hour class.  Package discounts are also available.

1/2 Day

A great option if you live far from us or want to fast-track your training!  You can participate in part or all of this intensive 4 hour class.  Your dog will leave educated, happy, and tired!


$ 375 for a 4 hour class.  For dogs older than 6 months.


Can be great if you live far from us or can't venture out.  Our trainers will help you become the best handler for your pup! Not available for complex behavioral issues.

$ 65 per 45 minute class.  Package discounts are also available.

Woman Hugging Dog
Dog Training

Stay & Train

For a period of 2 to 6 weeks, your dog will stay with us and will receive customized, hands-on training.

At the end of the program, we will work with you to ensure you have a firm grasp of the skills and effort needed to ensure long-term success for you and your dog.

For those seeking obedience training, we will focus on the core commands of Sit, Down, Come, Heel, and Place (go to bed). All commands will be performed by your dog both on and off-leash. For those seeking behavior modification, we will focus only on specific commands that will impact the target behavior problem, spending greater time addressing the underlying causes of the problem behavior. All programs focus heavily on physical exercise and mental enrichment as the cornerstone for emotional and behavioral wellness.

Requirements: Your dog must be crate trained and be able to settle in a crate.  Provide proof of current vaccinations, including rabies, kennel cough, and heartworm.  Your dog must be spayed or neutered for at least 2 months prior to boarding.  You'll provide bedding, toys, and enough food for the stay.

Ready to get started? 

Step 1 - complete and email our pre-boarding questionnaire.

Step 2 - we'll contact you to schedule an in-home visit to get to know you and your dog, and determine if your dog is a good candidate for a stay & train. 

Step 3 - We'll schedule the stay and you pay a 50% non-refundable deposit to secure the dates.


Step 4 - Pay the remaining 50% due at least 2 weeks prior to the stay.  See our cancellation policy for more information.

14 Days

Including weekends.  You'll see an amazing difference in your pup!

$ 4,950

(includes 5 follow-up 1 hr classes)

15 Days

Weekdays only.  You'll take your pup home for the weekend!

$ 4,400

(includes 5 follow-up 1 hr classes)

Agility Training

Come work with one of our trainers and have some fun working with your dog!  Agility training sharpens your dog’s cognitive skills just as learning any trick does. Agility helps dogs feel very motivated, like they have a purpose or a specific job. In addition, this stimulating sport strengthens the bond between you and your doggo since you must work as a team.

Minimum requirements: Completion of at least basic obedience training with us.

$ 60 per 30 minute session

Dog Contest
Dog Walker

Training Walks

For busy owners looking to maintain their dog's leash skills.  One of our trainers will pick your dog up at home and practice movement exercises, reinforce behaviors your dog has already learned, and ensure proper manners when passing other dogs, people, squirrels, etc.

Requirements: Completion of our leash handling and /or reactivity classes.

$40 within a 15 mile radius from York, ME.  Greater than 15 miles will incur travel time charges.

Take the first step toward a better life with your dog.

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