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Hi, I'm

Lindsey Chisholm

Outreach Manager

Lindsey Dog Sophie Pic 5.jpg

We’re beyond excited that Lindsey Chisholm has joined our team as Outreach Manager!  She’ll be organizing local events, promoting our services in the community, and building our social media presence. 


Lindsey is an avid domestic and wild animal advocate.  She started her rescue work in 2015 where she dedicated her free time to fostering dogs and cats from local shelters.  From there she began rescuing dogs scheduled for euthanasia from overcrowded shelters in the south.  Lindsey discovered that many of the dogs she was saving had acute trauma and behavioral issues that needed to be addressed to succeed in adoptive homes.  She began working with Woof Works to help transition them to their new lives.

"I've seen Mike (Armstrong founder & lead trainer of Woof Works) successfully train rescue dogs that have seen the darkest side of humanity, and develop them into trusting, well-balanced family dogs.  He has educated me as a rescuer to work with dogs more effectively and helps dog-parents become confident handlers.  I genuinely believe in Woof Works’ mission and training methods, so here I am!”

Lindsey lives in Ogunquit, Maine with her husband Morgan, their son Morgan Jr., and their rescue dogs, Sophie and Finnegan.

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