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Libby Peck



Libby has always been passionate about working with animals, both domestic and wild. She started her career as a wildlife rehabilitator in 2010 and has worked in both domestic animal shelters and veterinary clinics as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. Libby’s experience gained from working in different animal fields lead her to dog training to strengthen the bond between dogs and their owners. She especially enjoys working with rescued dogs and their new owners to help create a sustainable, happy relationship between owners and their pups.

Libby lives in York, Maine with her best friend and dog companion Oaki, and her two cats Nubby and Mowgli. The bond Libby and Oaki share has made an incredible difference in Libby’s life, creating a strong desire in her to help other owners create the same bond. In her free time, Libby loves to hike with Oaki, relax at the beach, and read a good book.

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